Sports Offered


Football - Varsity and Modified*** combine with TI

Boys Soccer - Varsity and Modified

Girls Soccer - Varsity, JV and Modified

JV and Varsity begins on August 21, 2023
Modified begins on September 7, 2023


Boys Basketball - Varsity, JV and Modified

Girls Basketball - Varsity, JV and Modified

Bowling - Varsity

Boys Ice Hockey - Varsity*** with TI (TI is host school)

Girls Ice Hockey - Varsity***with TI (ACS is host school)

JV and Varsity begins on November 13, 2023
Modified begins January 3, 2023


Baseball -Varsity, JV and Modified

Boys Lacrosse - Varsity and Modified***combine with TI

Softball - Varsity, JV and Modified

Boys Tennis - Varsity

Boys Golf - Varsity

JV and Varsity begins March 11, 2023
Modified begins March 21, 2023