•  Counselor Hello A.C.S. Families and new Friends:
                               Welcome to Alexandria Central School!  
                        This is my 28th year as a School Counselor at A.C.S. and I love my job. My focus is to work with students in grades UPK through 8th grade, but I am part of a great Counseling Team that serves all students, staff and families. 
                         If you are new to our district, please come in and meet the School Counselor assigned to your child(s) grade level. Experience shows that students whose parents are actively involved with their school, are generally more successful in both academic and social areas of school life.
                         Parents are always encouraged to communicate with your child(s) teachers and counselor to help build strong relationships. Please know that we are always here to help your child with any issues that appear to be blocking their success in any area of school life.
                         Besides counseling, I am the District's Dignity Act Coordinator (DAC), which means that all DASA (Dignity for All Students Act) reports come to me, along with the school principals.
    All DASA reports are investigated and responded to by one of us. There is a DASA link attached to this page and to the front of our District Homepage for your convenience.
                         Below is listed some of the many topics that are covered in a School Counseling environment. Information is available to help families find resources for most issues they might be facing.
                         I look forward to meeting you this year and encourage you to contact a counselor or administrator with concerns that may develop through the year. We can be your best resource in solving issues 
    Name: Ms. Patty Wagoner
    School Counselor: UPK- 8th Grade
    Phone: 315-482-9971 x1590
    E-mail: pwagoner@@acsghosts.org