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    Name: Daniel Hammond
    Department: Instrumental Music
    Courses: 4th and 6th Grade Music, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble
    Contact Information: dhammond@acsghosts.org
    Most recent page update: 7/29/2021
  • ACS Band Pie Sale 

    October 4-18, 2021

    Delivery November 10


    2021-2022 Performances 


    December 9    7:00p   Grade 5-6 Winter Concert

    December 16  7:00p   Grade 7-12 Winter Concert

    May 19            7:00p   All Bands Spring Concert 


    Jazz in the Classroom

    October, TBA


    The Price is... Close Enough

    February, TBA



    Jefferson Lewis Music Teachers Association Bi-County and Area All-State

    Fall Festival - South Lewis High School

    November 2 - Jr. High Band Rehearsal

    November 5 - Elementary Chorus and Senior High Chorus  Rehearsal 

    November 6 - Fall Festival Concert  2:00


    Area All-State Festival - Crane School of Music

    November 19-20, 2021

    November 20 - Concert 2:00


    Winter Bi-County Festival - Copenhagen Central School

    January 28 - Select Vocal Ensemble and Jazz Band and Senior Soloist Rehearsal

    January 29 - Select Vocal Ensemble, Jazz Band, and Senior Soloist Concert 2:00


    Spring Bi-County Festival Watertown High School

    April 19 - Elementary Band Rehearsal 

    April 22 - Jr. High Chorus and Senior High Band Rehearsal

    April 23 - Spring Festival Concert 2:00


    NYSSMA Solo & Small Ensemble Festival

    May 6-7, 2022 - Carthage Middle School 

    May 13-14, 2022 - Crane School of Music




    2021 Events

    River Rat Rhythm Project Steel Drum Band

    Old Forge Half Marathon September 11      Time TBA            Old Forge, NY

    International Taste Festival        November 13       Time TBA             NYS Fairgrounds



    2022 Parades and Events

     River Rat Rhythm Project Steel Drum Band and Mardi Gras Spirit Brass Band

    Armed Forces Day Parade May 21  10:00a                           NY State Office Building  

    This parade is usually held on the Saturday before Memorial Day weekend. 

    Arrive School 7:15    Busses Leave 7:45                            

    Lunch Stop - Watertown, TBA

    Return approximately 2:00

    Theresa Memorial Day Parade May 30 3:00                              Downtown Theresa

    This parade is usually held on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.

    Arrive School 12:30 Busses Leaves 1:00

    Stop - Felder’s Ice Cream, Redwood

    Return approximately 5:30

    Alexandria Bay Memorial Day Parade May 30  11:00a                Skiffs, The American Legion

    This event is always scheduled for Memorial Day.

    Arrive School 10:00

    Refreshments courtesy of the American Legion.

    Release approximately 12:00

    Dairy Festival Parade June 3 7:00                                              NY State Office Building

    This parade is usually scheduled for the first Friday in June. 

    Arrive School 4:15 Busses Leaves 4:45               

    Dinner Stop - Watertown, TBA

    Return approximately 10:30


    General Brown Days Parade June 4  7:00                                   Brownville Fire Hall

    This event is usually scheduled for the first Saturday after Memorial Day. 

    Arrive School 4:15 Busses Leaves 4:45

    Refreshments on your own after the parade.  We usually stay for the fireworks and return about 11:00.


    Thousand Islands Half-Marathon TBA