• Fine Motor Skills- 

    • use salad tongs or tweezers to pick up mini marshmallows, Cheerios, beads, cotton balls, etc. Cut a hole in the lid of a coffee can and drop the objects in
    • play-doh, play-doh, play-doh.... just manipulate it, sculpt simple objects, hide small objects in it and have child find them, roll it out with a rolling pin, cut it with scissors, roll it into a snake and cut it into chunks, roll large balls between your palms, roll pea-sized balls with the tips of your thumb and pointer finger, etc., etc.





    -pop packing bubbles with tips of thumb and pointer finger



    -string beads on a shoe lace



    -wikki stix or Bendaroos - navigate through a paper maze by sticking the waxy strings along the path



    -pipe cleaners - wrap them around a pencil to make a spring coil, stick them in the holes of a colander, bend them into shapes

    Gross Motor Skills-
    - playgrounds.... monkey bars, swings, crawling through tunnels