Report Card Grade Formula

    ·      Class Average (80%)

    o     Exams, Quizzes, Classwork/Homework, & Attendance

    ·      Lab Average (20%) - will not get factored into final average until the end of the quarter due to lab correction exchanges and student attendance makeups needed to complete missing lab assignments at instructor availability.

    o     Written Lab Assignments and Lab Examinations



    Student Absences

    ·     2 school days to make up any missed exam or quiz (legal excuse required to make up written coursework).

    ·     All class notes, lab assignments, and homework sets are expected to be made up in a timely manner.

    ·     According to the Alexandria Central School attendance policy, if a student is absent for more than 27 days for a class that runs for the entire school year, the student will be dropped from the class and will denied credit for the course.

    o     The difference between an excused / legal absence versus an unexcused absence is whether the student is allowed to make up any missed coursework that was covered during their absence. All absences count in the attendance rolls for the course.


    ·      Parents may access grades via School Tool in order to track the progress of their child in my course. Contact our school counselor (Mr. Durr) to obtain access.

    ·      Grades will be typically updated on a weekly to bi-weekly basis.


    Student Homework

    ·       Anticipate the student having written homework 2-4 times a week for this course.

    ·       Homework may involve studying new class notes from the course binder, written homework sets, flashcards, School Island Assignments (Castle Online Learning), or written laboratory assignments.

    ·       Ideally, the course binder should be going home on a day-to-day basis for daily review.



    ·       Exams or quizzes will be given almost weekly (usually Friday). Anticipate the student needing to bring their binder home Thursday evening to prepare. (Hopefully earlier!)

    ·       After school review sessions will be typically offered for any student (regardless of ability level) the night before any in-class quiz or exam.  All students are encouraged to attend.


    Contact Information

    ·       Email = mmccarthy@acsghosts.org à Best way to contact me.

    ·       Phone = 482-9971(ext. 3530) à Please leave a voicemail message.