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    Information on coronavirus 


    Families please remember that your child is covered under the districts UCM Telemedicine Service. Information was sent last week via Peachjar and is in the UCM Parent Letter below. Please download the app on your phone or iPad.....so that if your child is feeling ill you can have access to an emergency room physician within seconds.  

    UCM Parent Letter



    Press Release 03142020


    03/17/2020 - updated 03/19/2020

    To ALL Families and Students

    Faculty and staff are available remotely Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 am - 1 pm to support. Please feel free to reach out to any teacher or support staff by email or phone. 

    The district has two boxes in the front entrance of the school so families are able to drop off work throughout the week. Work can also be sent back to the district through the meal delivery system; Tuesday and Friday.

    If you need to contact the main office for any assistance or guidance, they can be reached by phone or email Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 am and  1 pm. 



    ACS Meal Update: the district is changing their delivery schedule. Starting Friday, March 20th, meals will be delivered on Friday’s and Tuesday’s.

    On Friday’s students will receive four meals.  On Tuesday’s students will receive three meals.

    Thank you for your continued support and patience as we work to develop a plan that supports the safety and health for all of our students, families, and staff.



    In an effort to minimize the contact that each meal delivery undergoes, we ask that this week's delivery, you please place a cooler, a tote, a box, or a labeled bin at your curb for us to put the meals into. The bus will pull up, place the meals in the container you have left out, and the driver will honk the horn, so someone can retrieve the meals. If you do not have a container this week, we will leave the meals on your front step.
    Thank you for working with us to support minimal exposure for the safety of our staff and families. We still love to see the kids, so please leave us notes or wave from the window. Seeing and hearing from our students makes our day! 

    March 23, 2020 - COVID - 19 Update

    One week has gone by since districts have had to establish a COVID -19 closure plan for continuity of learning, distribution of meals, and options for child care. Alexandria Central School continues to work with the staff to ensure that we are providing a range of modalities and resources to support a stable learning environment. The district has considered the effects of significant absences on student achievement and we have established plans that not only ensure health and safety but also considers the importance and continuity of learning to the extent that is feasible and appropriate. With several factors unknown, our priority for instruction is to best prepare our students to meet the learning outcomes for the course and prepare them for the culminating examination, if applicable. This applies to our high school regents courses.

    The decisions on continuity of learning, including instructional decisions, methods, tools, curriculum, and resources utilized, are a local decision. Alexandria Central has considered accessibility, an online learning platform, instructional packets, web conferencing, and social media as a means to instruct and communicate. This is an unprecedented time in education, but we are all working together to ensure that our students are successful and safe.

    This newness can have challenges, be laborious, and stressful. Many families are juggling full-time work schedules while trying to support their child’s education. We have become employees, business owners, daycare providers, and educators all in one day. Wearing multiple hats can be both overwhelming and exhausting. If you feel the burden of meeting deadlines or if you are having a difficult time supporting your child’s school work, please reach out to the classroom teacher. Teachers are here to help, as they understand the difficulties we are all facing during school closures. As a district we are flexible and understanding. Our desire and goal is to make sure the students and families are supported. We encourage you to contact teachers directly and to not use social media as an outlet for frustration. Doing so may feed negativity and undermine our purpose of working together.

    Let’s think about what we say, what we do, and what we share. Let’s challenge ourselves to be “Rooted in Love.” Let’s not stay rooted in frustration, in negativity, or in bitterness. Let’s find a way to stay rooted in hope. Let’s find a way to stay rooted in optimism. Together, we can stay Rooted in Love.

    Thank you for your patience as our educational plan changes and will continue to change as we receive guidance from the New York State Education Department.

    Rooted in Love video



    COVID-19 - Meal Delivery Update

    Alexandria will be moving to a one day a week meal delivery plan. As things continue to evolve in our county, we are doing what we can to eliminate exposure for our students and staff. The health and safety of everyone involved is our first priority. We will continue to delivery on Tuesday mornings. Please continue to have your bins, boxes, or coolers out for drop off. The delivery on Tuesday will include seven days of breakfast and lunch for each child in your household.

    Please contact Ann Remington or Rod Tidd with any questions at (315) 482-9971. Again, we thank you for your patience and flexibility as we continue to change plans to ensure the safety of our ACS family.



    Please see the PDF for the latest updates from the district.

    Covid-19 Parent Update



    Please see the PDF for the latest updates from the district.

    Academic Update



    In his news conference today, the Governor has closed all public schools for the remainder of the school year. We do not yet have updates on graduation or possible ceremonies but will continue to update the community as these discussions progress.

    It’s important to know that Alexandria Central’s three state-approved plans (continuity of education, school food, and child care) will continue to be in effect through the end of June.

    What does this mean for you…...teachers at ACS will continue to provide new material through paper packet exchange, virtual learning, phone, and email. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s program, please contact their teachers with questions.

    In regards to our meal delivery, ACS will continue to deliver a full week’s worth of meals every Tuesday by bus. If you are not currently receiving meals, you can call Anne Remmington to opt in, her number is 315-771-3150.

    If you need child care, the YMCA of Watertown is offering care at its main location, plus satellites. Essential workers will be given priority. If you have questions or would like to sign up for childcare, please call the YMCA at 315-755-2005

    Finally, if you or your family are in need of counseling services and do not currently receive services, please email Patty Wagoner at PWagoner@acsghosts.org or call the main school line to leave a message.



    Secondary Personal Belonging Pick Up Information



    Graduation Information



    Alexandria Central’s feeding program will continue in its current form through the end of June. The last regular delivery will take place on Tuesday, June 30. We will begin a new summer feeding program for July and August. The first summer delivery will take place on Tuesday, July 6 and will continue through Tuesday, August 25 There will be no lapse in food deliveries. Food deliveries will continue every Tuesday.

    There will be a few import changes that will take place with the summer feeding program. These changes will take effect on our first summer delivery of July 6. We will be providing five breakfasts and five lunches for every student, every Tuesday.

    Second, we will continue with our Alexandria Bay distribution center. If you regularly receive your food through the Reformed Church you will continue to receive your food the same way throughout the summer. We will be opening a second distribution center located at the Methodist Church on Stine Road in Redwood. This distribution center will serve all students within walking distance to the Church. If you are eligible to receive your food through the Redwood distribution center, you will receive a call from Anne Remington with additional information. Both distribution centers, the one in Redwood and Alexandria Bay, will be open from 10:00 – 11:00 AM on Tuesdays throughout the summer feeding program.

    Any families that currently receive food, but you are not part of the Alexandria Bay or Redwood distribution centers, you will still receive food deliveries directly to your house. We ask that those who are receiving deliveries at their house, to please put a cooler out at the end of your driveway or by your door so that food drop offs can remain cold.

    Everyone who currently receives food will automatically be enrolled in our summer feeding program. If you are currently enrolled in our feeding program and wish to opt out or if you are not currently receiving food deliveries and you want to opt in, please contact Anne Remington.