• JCC EDGE English 102

    Course Description 

    English 102 students will employ strategies and techniques for reading, analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating fiction, poetry, and drama. Readings will include literature of merit by male and female authors from diverse time periods, thematic areas, and cultural perspectives. Students will complete a variety of writing assignments designed to develop skills in literary analysis and will write formal, literature-based essays on the three genres.  This course is designed for students who have already demonstrated college-level skills in essay writing and provides a foundation for upper-level literature courses.

    This course satisfies a SUNY General Education learning outcome or outcomes in Humanities. Some work that you do in this course (tests, papers, projects) may be retained by Jefferson Community College to demonstrate to SUNY overall levels of student achievement for General Education.


    Instructional Goals 

    English 102 students will 

    1. Read actively, synthesize effectively, and respond critically to assigned literature of merit from the three genres: fiction, poetry, and drama;
    2. Apply literary terminology and methodology to interpret and evaluate literature, using textual references and relevant commentary;
    3. Discuss and write about literature by male and female authors from diverse time periods, thematic areas, and cultural perspectives;
    4. Complete diverse writing assignments, other than formal essays, designed to develop their analytical and interpretive skills;
    5. Write formal, literature-based essays that support arguable theses in clear, interesting, and appropriately developed styles for an academic audience;
    6. Employ Standard American English and correct grammatical structure, integrate citations from literary texts into their writing, and document these texts according to MLA style;
    7. Demonstrate increasing autonomy in achieving each of these goals.