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"America is only as strong as its Agriculture"

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FFA Facts & Information

The FFA started in 1928, New York joined in 1929

Colors: Corn Gold & National Blue

Emblem: Rising sun, eagle, owl, plow, and a cross section of an ear of corn

Motto: Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earning to live, Living to serve.



Camp Oswegatchie, Oswegatchie Education Center

9340 Long Pond Road

Croghan, NY 13327


FFA National Website:

FFA New York State Website:

President:  Alex Swanson

Vice President:  Jordan Felicia

Secretary: Taylor Rodriguez

Treasurer: Zach Patterson

Reporter: Vanessa Rushlow

Sentinel: Sam Felicia

Historian: Haylee Baker

Advisor: Ms. McCart



Contact Information

Completed activities and events
1. Highway pickup  June 23
Jacob, Jordan, Madison H., Blake, Brock
2. Summer Picnic June 23   Scenic Park
Madison H., Zach, Logan, Bailey, Maddy C., Brendon, Blake, Brock, Ashley and Rachel H., Emily M., Jordan and Sam F.,
Hayley N., Daegan, Thomas, Alex S., Trenton, Ray D., Victor
Terry and Drew Hunneyman, Kristie Hunter 
3. Setting up Jeff. Co. Fair booth   July 10
Cody, Madison  
 1. Summer Picnic with Highway Pickup--June 25
      Highway pickup- Mackenzie, Ellie, Kelsey, Erina, Wesley, Thomas, Jordan, Victor, Serenity, Emily D., Alex H., Sam, Madison H.,         Garrett, Brendon, Alex S., Dean, Brock
      Picnic: Alex and Dean S., Thomas and Erina H., Garrett, Kelsey, Serenity, Ashley and Rachel H., Sam and Jordan F., Victor, Mackenzie and Ellie H., Wesley, Brock, Alex H., Trenton S,  Emily M., Emily D., Madison H.,   Visiting: Rachelle, Alex J.,
Starr Hanson, Kristie Hunter, Terry Hunneyman, Scott Gleason, Dustin with Hunter & Tyler---
2. Jefferson County Fair and Judging- Garrett, Victor, Zach, and Nisa-July 17
3. Lewis County Fair and Judging-  Trenton - July 23 
4. Summer Leadership Camp:   Victor, Hayley, Erina, Emily D., Mackenzie, Jacob, Serenity, Alex H., Sam, Zach, Emily M., Ashley, Alex S., Jordan, and Trenton - July 26-31
5.  Aug. 10-   Helped the Hunter family work on the "corn maze".
      Brendon, Blake, Brock, Mackenzie, Ellie, Adrienne, Brady, Trenton, Jordan, Kelsey, Marissa, Victor, Brandon, Jacob, Hayley, and Alex S. 
6.  Harvesting of produce for the Food Pantry   - Aug. 11        Serenity, Hayley, Jacob, Brock, Blake, Ellie, and Mackenzie
7. Aug. 12   Visited the Empire Farm Days in Seneca Falls      Alex H., and Trenton 
8.   State Fair Trams   Aug. 28   (18 students)
9. Chapter Meeting - Sept 15
10. Chap. Meeting - Sept 23--Election of Officers
11. Can and Bottle Drive- Sept 26 ---workers and donors:  Ashley H., Rachel, Payton S., Erina, Thomas H.., Brandon D., Emily D., Alex S., Dean S., Jose M., Madison H., Mackenzie H., Ellie H.,
12. Highway pickup- Oct. 1   Payton, Garrett, Michael R., Alex H. 
13. Land Judging- Oct 6 on the Babcock farm in Deer River-  all Ag classes participated. 
 14.  Red Cross bloodmobile- Nov. 5   very successful   64 pints collected
15. Land Judging banquet at Lowville-  Trenton, Cole, Emily, Hannah S., Madison H.
       Cole won Jr. division A Bay- 1st in Jr.
       Emily 3rd, Madison 6th, Hannah 8th, Paige J. 10th   A Bay 3rd in Sr. division
16.  Fruit Arrives- Dec. 7  
17.  Fruit Week-- great weather, great fruit 
18.  Christmas Party in Ag room 
 19.  Alex Bay Ice Fishing Derby Breakfast-  Jan 23
Maddy and Kelsey, Erina and Thomas, Emily and Brandon, Dean and Alex, Alex H., Nisa, Shawn, Hayley, Jacob, Ashley and Rachel,  Victor, Jordan and Sam, 
20.  FFA mtg.  22 members  Feb. 2 
21. Pizza / Skate party  Feb 18
     P / S   Ashley, Rachel, Emily M., Bailey, Zach, Jordan, Sam, Alex S. Brandon, Victor, Trenton
     S only    Elly, McKenzie, Emily D.
     guests- Mrs. Hunneyman, Drew, Andrea 
22.  March 4     District 6 Leadership contests
                        Emily, Jordan, Trenton, & Victor
23.  March 18-20     37 FFA members and 25 alumni traveled to Oswegatchie for the annual Winter Weekend getaway
Gabi Connor, Kelsey Cullen, Emily Davis, Erina Haddock, Alex Hansson, Madison Hazelton, Ashley Hunneyman, Rachel Hunneyman, Ellie Hyde, Mackenzie Hyde, Emily Massa, Hayley Neuroth, Bailey Rogers, Taylor Rodriquez, Hannah Side, Wesley Burgos, Ian Chanberlaine, Bob Costello, Brandon Davis, Alex DeLavergne, Jordan Felicia, Sam Felicia, Mike Gray, Thomas Haddock, Colby Herrington, Jacob Hunneyman, Andrew LaLonde, Dylan Matice, Jose Meza, Zach Patterson, Trenton Service, Payton Smith, Chet Sourwine, Cody Stephenson, Alex Swanson, Dean Swanson, Victor Wallace.
Terry Brennan, Bob Calhoun, Rachael Calhoun, Sara Calhoun, Zach Calhoun, Sean Catlin, Jason Davis, James Dorr, Dustin Frost, Tyler Frost, Scott Gleason, Teri Lowe, Rob Matice, Gerri Newberry, Phil O'Neal, George Oppermann, Micheal Stephenson, Mike Stephenson, Brian Trickey, Cierra Trickey, & Dan Winters    Cafeteria ladies stopped by for lunch.
24.  April 2      Emily, Jordan, Trenton travel to VVS for Sub-states 
25.  April 19  -  Arbor day activities
26.  April 21  - Envirothon    Team A - wins 
                                               Team B - 5th
27. April 28   Duck Derby
       Madison H., Ashley H, Rachel H., Emily M. Gabi C. Shawn M., Cody S., Victor, Jordan, Hayley, Alex S., Thomas, 
       rode up with parents: Erina H., Zach P
       alumni: Dustin, Brian, Cierra, Scott, Mike
28.  FFA state convention   at the OnCenter in Syracuse
        Jordan, Brandon, Trenton, and Zach 
29  Chapter Banquet   June 1
30   Farm petting zoo  June 3 


FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.

community garden
Maddy working in the ACS FFA "Community Garden- part of the "Living to Serve" grant